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Prenatal Yoga with Laptop

Headstrong Mamas

How to train when you're expecting

Helping you have a healthier pregnancy, smoother labour, and faster recovery

At Headstrong, I believe that confidence comes not from how your body looks, but from what your body can DO. And women's bodies can do a lot, including create entirely new humans. Pregnancy and recovery from childbirth pose specific challenges that need specific attention when training. Let me put your mind at ease so that your body can do it's thing and you can recover well and continue to feel strong and happy!


Train for Birth and Beyond




Train In Person

If you are in the Vancouver Area you can train with me in person! Shoot me an email for availability and more information.

Maternity Yoga Online from Home

Online Prenatal

Train online from anywhere in the world! Prenatal specific programs tailored to your fitness level and stage of pregnancy. 

Exercising with Baby

Online Postnatal

Having a new baby complicates everyone's schedule. Do your workouts on your own time, on your own turf.


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