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Emily is the founder and Head Trainer of Headstrong Mamas. After noticing a huge gap in prenatal fitness support that is available in her hometown of Vancouver, Canada, she set out to make fitness for new and expecting moms accessible, easy and fun. It is her mission to debunk outdated myths about pregnancy and fitness and help women regain some autonomy after birth with proper recovery so that they can get back to doing what they love. Childbirth is the most physically challenging event of many women's lives and she wants to make sure that you are as strong as possible so that you may have a smoother labour and easier transition to your new life as a mom. For those who are not-so-new moms but are looking for some help with lasting complications such as stress incontinence or back pain (just to name a couple!) you are also in great hands!

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The Headstrong Approach aims to help women by talking openly, honestly, and candidly about the process of fitness through pregnancy and beyond to empower them to make good decisions for their body and have the smoothest process possible through pregnancy and childbirth.  This is "how to train when you're expecting". You are doing an amazing thing and your baby is very important! But here at Headstrong our focus is on YOU, mama. We aim to make you feel seen, heard and comfortable through this difficult and amazing time of your life. 

We are of the belief that labour and childbirth are your Olympic event. It is likely that you will never do anything that is equally physically challenging in your whole life (unless of course, you do it more than once!). Would you compete in an Olympic event without making sure your body is in it's prime condition to do so? Probably not. 

Except for in very specific circumstances that would have been laid out by your doctor, exercising during pregnancy is not only safe, but very beneficial to both you and baby! Healthy mom means healthy child and healthy child means happy mom- everybody wins! Headstrong aims to help you get as strong as possible and as familiar with important body processes, such as contracting and relaxing your pelvic floor, so that you are physically and mentally prepared for the big day and everything that comes after.

We want to help you take time for YOU so that you feel nurtured enough to nurture others. Just what a powerful mom deserves.


PROnatal Level 2 

PCES Pregnancy and Postpatrum Corrective Exercise Specialist

Precision Nutrition Level 1

Ace Personal Training Certified

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